• What is on your mine - the planner  can not read it
  • It is your wedding -- decisions should be made between you and the planner
  • Never assume -- check with the planner


  • The planner will give you a folder to maintain all information pertaining to your wedding
  • Keep deadlines on a separate calendar 
  • Keep vendor contracts and receipts in the same folder
  • Trash business cards/flyers not part of your planning
  • Be ahead of time for all appointments
  • Stick to your budget - you will have to live after the wedding
  • Start at the top of the check list and work down to the bottom

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Event Planner 

Planned Perfect For Your Day


  • 30 minutes early on the invitations -- you do want it to start on time
  • 30 minutes early for the rehearsal -- it should not last but an hour
  • Stick to the agenda -- let the planner keep up with at all times

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 Leave it all to the Planner or Coordinator

  • Trust their decisions  - they are the expert

  • This is not their first event
  • Keep a positive attitude - you will get extra support from your vendors